Strange Patterns

These last few days I have been reminded how complicated our bodies can seem. Moving a tailbone released a tight rib. Swinging the right leg caused nerve pain in the left buttock. Working on the sacrum released tension in a shoulder. Working the left side of the spine and the right side softened. Tightening the abdominal muscles caused pain in the second toe on the right foot. Really.

Structural imbalances from tight, overworked or inefficiently working muscles, tension in fascia, nerve pathways and habits all contributed to the issues listed. Sometimes it’s easy to discover the connections, other times it’s a complete surprise. After twenty three years of working on a variety of people, I can recognize patterns. Plus I’m pretty obsessive about paying attention to how my own body reacts.

When a client tells me where it’s painful or how something moves, my mind is creating that pattern inside me so I can feel it in more dimensions. I’m not always successful. My own habits, accidents and structural issues are involved and need to be filtered from the mix. The more aware you are of your own body however, is the best way we can find the root cause. So when we are working on something and a remote thought pops into your head, let me know. It could be the specific connection we need to release your issue!

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  1. Debra McGarry says:

    Great post Tracy, thanks for sharing.

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