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Reflections on Ortho-Bionomy

I was cleaning out computer files this morning and found a page I wrote several years ago.  At the time I was a Practitioner, working toward my Instructor level.  I’ve been an Instructor for eight or nine years, so this … Continue reading

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What is comfort?

As an Ortho-Bionomy instructor and practitioner, I talk to my clients and students about finding comfort. But what IS comfort?  Is it that soft, well worn shirt?  Maybe comfort is the sleepy feeling you get when you are sitting next … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone

We all have been in a place of discomfort, anxiety, or even panic.  That place where the adrenal system is running full blast, sweat running out of our pores, hands shaking, breathing fast and shallow with a heartbeat faster than … Continue reading

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This also appears on my website: I’ve been doing some repair and upgrade work around the house. In the process I have come to appreciate using the correct tool for various jobs. There are currently seven tool boxes in … Continue reading

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Judgement – this also appears on my website blog April 2, 2017 I made a weekend trip to Tulsa to see a concert recently. I had a great time seeing the architecture, watching artists blow glass, standing at the … Continue reading

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I’ve managed to stay fairly healthy and keep my office open for almost 24 years in business. That said, I realize how fortunate I am in my life. My office spaces have burned; had the ceiling collapse; been sold out … Continue reading

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Strange Patterns

These last few days I have been reminded how complicated our bodies can seem. Moving a tailbone released a tight rib. Swinging the right leg caused nerve pain in the left buttock. Working on the sacrum released tension in a … Continue reading

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