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What is comfort?

As an Ortho-Bionomy instructor and practitioner, I talk to my clients and students about finding comfort. But what IS comfort?  Is it that soft, well worn shirt?  Maybe comfort is the sleepy feeling you get when you are sitting next … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone

We all have been in a place of discomfort, anxiety, or even panic.  That place where the adrenal system is running full blast, sweat running out of our pores, hands shaking, breathing fast and shallow with a heartbeat faster than … Continue reading

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A recurring theme in my life is one of control.  I feel uncomfortable if I don’t know, or cannot direct in some way, the outcome of a situation.  Another aspect of control for me, is to push on no matter … Continue reading

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Demons and Dragons

When my son was little, we read a lot of books about Chinese dragons. They often symbolized auspicious and powerful powers over water, and of strength, wisdom and good luck. They commonly possessed some form of supernatural or magical tendencies. … Continue reading

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