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Comfort Zone

We all have been in a place of discomfort, anxiety, or even panic.  That place where the adrenal system is running full blast, sweat running out of our pores, hands shaking, breathing fast and shallow with a heartbeat faster than … Continue reading

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Resetting the Past

An amazing thing happened this week. It was something I’ve heard other people talk about, but I never really knew how to apply it to my life. I reset my past. Rather, I reset how I perceived my past. A … Continue reading

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Posture and the Emotional State

I’ve just returned from teaching a wonderful class called Posture and Post Techniques. In the class, I show how our emotions are connected to how we hold and move our physical body. Think about it. When you are happy, do … Continue reading

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Posture and Emotions

When my son was little, we would go to the mall, watch people shop and make up stories about them based on how they walked, what they carried, or pieces of conversation we overheard. My son often commented on what … Continue reading

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Stranger danger and community

While logged into Facebook, I noticed a friends video post about stranger danger from the Today show.  I can’t get the link to show up in this, but I’ve pasted the URL here for you if you want to view … Continue reading

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