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Reflections on Ortho-Bionomy

I was cleaning out computer files this morning and found a page I wrote several years ago.  At the time I was a Practitioner, working toward my Instructor level.  I’ve been an Instructor for eight or nine years, so this … Continue reading

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Resetting the Past

An amazing thing happened this week. It was something I’ve heard other people talk about, but I never really knew how to apply it to my life. I reset my past. Rather, I reset how I perceived my past. A … Continue reading

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January 2013

The start of another year. Hope for something better. Diets. A clean slate. Resolutions. Regrets for what could have been. Hangovers. What do you think of when the term New Year comes up? I have decided to not think about … Continue reading

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Friends, mentors and others

I recently received an email, one of those chain things, which was dumped in my junk folder.  I periodically skim things sent there,  just in case something of importance was dumped by mistake.  I know the sender, but because it … Continue reading

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When Phase 7 feels like Phase 4

Part of the Practitioner training requires a residential – 40 hours of training in (often) a secluded area.  The idea is to give you a total immersion in the work.  You and your classmates have daily instruction and practice time, … Continue reading

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