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Comfort Zone

We all have been in a place of discomfort, anxiety, or even panic.  That place where the adrenal system is running full blast, sweat running out of our pores, hands shaking, breathing fast and shallow with a heartbeat faster than … Continue reading

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A recurring theme in my life is one of control.  I feel uncomfortable if I don’t know, or cannot direct in some way, the outcome of a situation.  Another aspect of control for me, is to push on no matter … Continue reading

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January 2013

The start of another year. Hope for something better. Diets. A clean slate. Resolutions. Regrets for what could have been. Hangovers. What do you think of when the term New Year comes up? I have decided to not think about … Continue reading

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A New Look

You might notice a few things have changed coming into the office.  For example to the right of the drive, there is a new labyrinth. I created it partly from necessity.  When the foundation was repaired, bushes were removed and … Continue reading

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Letting go

Lately I have seen quite a few posts on Facebook and e-mail groups regarding situations not to the writers liking.  Troublesome people / equipment / jobs / situations seem to be rampant.  I agree this viewpoint has some validity, as … Continue reading

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Exploration and Wonder

Arthur Pauls, the founder of Ortho-Bionomy®, felt the technique shouldn’t be looked upon as work, but rather as play. When I apply that philosophy of play, and explore my limited world without any agenda, I find a sense of wonder … Continue reading

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My place of peace on contemplation

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